No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 16: in which the world envelopes Tiburcio County in the cleansing ritual of rain.

I’ll take any excuse to postpone reporting my expenses, even rainy weather. I know that the rest of the monthly bills were drawn out of our account today. I should report them. That’s what this budget thing is for.

But I didn’t write a check, I didn’t pull out the purse. I had never counted on my online banking to aid me in being dishonest, but this pretending is a bit delicious. And the rain was so entertaining today, why spoil it with numbers? Tomorrow will be soon enough.

Which makes me curious. When you postpone something distasteful, but know it’s coming anyway, doesn’t anxiety outweigh the pleasure?

$0.00   + $806.67 = $806.67


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