No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 13: in which Marsha finds her retirement bliss, to wit: having choice in what she does.

Isn’t that what it all amounts to? As my sons progressed through college, they asked that question we’ve all pondered: why do I need to know how to solve this elequation? (or who discovered bulranium , or what is the taxonomy of transigresion) The answer is you need it so that you will have choices in life. As I do now.

Happily, not so thrifty today, we bought food for the grill, grilled it, sat in the sun, played with the dog, spent time with DeGame O’Health and Waking Beauty. Two Sunday barbecues in a row? Yes, for tomorrow it may rain.

today – $50.00 food

$50.00 +$735.15 = $785.15


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