No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 12: in which Marsha, in a state of wonder and peacefulness, forgets the pleasure of not-spending, and spends.

Well, nothing lasts forever. This budget thing gives me wild swings, my attitudes about spending following the path of carny rides: up and down, back and forth, spend and don’t spend. For so many years, as long as we were flush at the end of the month, I didn’t think much about money. Being thrifty allowed me that freedom. Now that I’ve decided to think about my spending every day, reaching for that penny pouch is entertainment all by itself. “Will she spend or won’t she?” Well, today she did.

Not everything today cost money. The sunrise, work in the garden, a walk in this luscious Mediterranean climate, time with friends, a free lecture at the college.

today – $46.32 for the garden and barbecue, $79.90 Trader Joe’s, $3.60 cup o’coffee = $129.82

$129.82 + $735.15 = $864.97 which is sounding like a lot more than I wanted to spend and I haven’t added car insurance or cell phone yet.


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