No Job, Plenty Fun:The Budget

Day 9: in which Marsha busts it all to pieces.

It turns out there is happiness in buying things. Lots and lots of things all day long. In my defense, the unnecessary big ticket was from REI. If you are going to buy things there, it’s best done on clearance. And if you buy on clearance, you can’t postpone those purchases until late March. You have to buy when the buying is good.

I was conflicted about reporting the utilities. With sunshine outside, I noticed the amounts for PGE and city of Fresno utilities had been drawn from our account. Cold January put its foggy print on my February budget. Now that I’m watching the pennies, it hurt.

today $15.00 breakfast with a friend, $10.00 sandwiches for lunch, $10.00 veggies, $23.07 paint for the bedrooms, $8.13 stuff from Target, $96.33 REI, $319.00 utilities = $481.53 ouch

$481.53 +$250.93 = $732.46


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