No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 8: in which Marsha discovers temptations again. While in stores, her imagination is awakened like the Istanbul Spice Market woke up her sense of smell. But does she need the things she sees?

Back to that already? Need vs. want, the ever-present controversy revisited me today. The desire of things only hits me when I enter a store, online or in person. Today it was a bookstore. I am a library person, for heaven sake, I shouldn’t even have been there. All of a sudden, though, seven appealing books about how to grow beans for drying cried out to me.

Stanley asks me each morning: “Do you want that cup of coffee, or do you need it?” Drink for thought, that one. I think I’ll take mine out back into the sunshine to contemplate the answer. One more simple joy, which makes me curious: am I not happier without the temptation of shopping?

today: $0.00 – resistance is not futile

$0.00 + $250.93 = $250.93


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