No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 7: in which Marsha lives a dream-like existence where sunshine and happiness never cease.

So, the simple pleasures continue: separating and replanting the aloe, 15 minutes in the dog park, looking at hawks through binoculars, finding out that Sadie knows how to close a zip-lock bag, barbecuing. Like that, all day. Did I mention sun?

We also had some expenses. More chicken for older son, DeGame O’Health and his girlfriend, Waking Beauty, when they joined us for dinner. What a bargain for good company. And, cookies – well, why not?

So important to count the good things and be grateful for them as I count our pennies this month.

today: $7.49 for chicken, $9.99 for cookies – big, fat heart cookies dipped in chocolate

$17.48 + $233.45 = $250.93


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