No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 6: in which Marsha contemplates a tribute to Trader Joe. So much to consume, so little the price.

Stores I shop in seem to have a theme. Costco does big: big amounts in quantity and money spent. Target has the Weekly Wows. We used to have Bentleys, a wonderful little neighborhood market that probably went under because people, like  me, really only bought the fresh squeezed orange juice, tiny cupped elegant ice cream and finger-sized wedges of cheese, and not that often. Trader Joe’s theme is best of all the others. Whenever I shop there, I always think it’s going to be more expensive than it is. Bravo Trader Joe’s – you do shopping right.

Today: $42.93 in wonderful items from Trader Joe’s

$190.52 + 42.93 = $233.45


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