No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 5: in which Marsha continues to reap simple pleasures in Tiburcio County, California where February is perhaps the best month of year.

Our house  is filled with stuff to live on. I have to remind myself not to take advantage of that. During our first trip to Costco after returning from Ukraine, I bought a year’s supply of some remarkable items (“Now THAT’S a paper towel,” I declared, happily stocking up.)

I hope our depleting resources at home and our purchases will even out this month, but I am finding I have to remind myself to just live as I normally do. Stanley and I are vigilant about  waste right now.  If nothing else, we will have that good outcome of our budget-watching.

Meanwhile, the simple joys march on: writing group, sighting a new hawk as yet unidentified, making plans for coffee with friends – expense to be incurred at some later date – the simple planning is part of the fun.

today: $6.87 when Stanley went out with friends for lunch (the extravagant fool.)

$6.87 + $183.65 = $190.52


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