No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 1: in which we drive back from paradise after saving our son Tripster McMandolin from the crashing attack of computers.

So this won’t be an ordinary beginning.We found ourselves in Paradise, having been called to our younger son’s rescue. In the first few days of online coursework, his computer jammed upon sign-in. Did you know that computers cannot be fixed in Paradise? Amazing place. Plenty breweries, no geeks.

So the beginning of keeping a budget is heavy on gas for the sub-compact. Even in a small car, nine hours home is nine hours home and a lot of gasoline. But this is life as we live it, and I pledged to count every penny.

Tomorrow, I shop. Which makes me curious: what items will the Temptress Costco require I buy? How strong will I be against her assorted multitudes of things we must have?

Today: $33 gas, $25 lunch, $27 gas, that’s it. $85


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