No Job, Plenty Fun: The Budget

Day 4: in which simple joys are given a dollar value. Or maybe not.

“Let’s throw things, Sadie,” I said to the pup. Her dog toys had cost maybe $12.00, but that was two months ago and doesn’t count now. They’ve even survived a repair job or two. Wild fun for nothing.

In our neighborhood resides the best library in the universe. We can walk there, and do, often. We bring back $100 worth of books and audiotapes, for nothing.

My friend Ann sent a laugh-inducing email today. She does this often, realizing that when life is tough, it is more important than ever to belly laugh and send it around the world.

Great coffee, like Dutch Brothers, is always a joy. I had forgotten that I had bought a cup as I left Paradise a few days ago. $3.00: well worth it.

Today’s simple pleasures: a multitude, price: $3.00. Which makes me curious. Will tomorrow be as happy as the last two days have been?

$3.00 +$183.65 = $183.65


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